Friday, December 16, 2016

Last Christmas - 2015

2015 Holiday card 
Our holiday card is something I look forward to sharing with all our friends and family. Believe it or not the boys are great sports! In anticipation for this years card I'm sharing some of the highlights from last Christmas.

Santa Claus!

We spent the Thanksgiving before with my family in Portland

Making a huge gingerbread Christmas tree
Our backyard sunrise

Teahouse with Aunt Brenda

Christmas Jammies

A year in review...

Zoe's Birth
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2016 has been an incredible journey for the Fezler family. There was so much change and growth in our house. From a wonderful kitchen remodel, to the boy's changing schools, lots of soccer, camping, visitors and celebrations, to Boden starting Kindergarten, and of course the birth of our wonderful daughter Zoe.

I'll be sure to post more soon (when Zoe starts actually napping during the day!), and I'll work to catch up on all the exciting adventures and fun from 2016 and into next year. But here are some highlights of our year...

Camping in Estes Park
Borden's first day of Kindergarten and Milo's first day of Pre-school at his new school!

Zoe is here!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Caught up...

Another cute Austin pix
So, now that we're all caught up - why the magnitude of blog posts in two days? Well, I'm moving on to a new job outside of HP, and wanted to be sure to start with nothing hanging over my head. I'll do my best to keep up with our events so that everyone both near and far feels like we're a part of their lives.

A new adventure awaits, and I can't wait to share it.

Just a photo from my walk the other day - gorgeous fall


At the airport waiting to board the flight
Last weekend Steve and I flew to Austin, TX to celebrate Sarah and Matt's wedding. Sarah is Colin's little sister and we feel so lucky to be invited to such a wonderful celebration. My parents flew to Colorado to watch the boys for a few days while Steve and I partied, kid-free!

He is still recovering from surgery but doing great. Not to mention, we were able to board our flights with all the elderly folks in wheelchairs.
The boys are in good hands

Greatest place - EVER!

Golf pro

At the wedding - yay photo booth!

Partying with old friends. Even Shawn and his wife were there!

As if the weekend couldn't get any better - Chicken and Bisquit at the end of the reception! WOW. Just WOW! 

Magnolia Cafe with Colin, Kerri, Sarah, Matt and the gang (just before getting kicked out)


Happy Halloween! I've always loved this holiday. Something about the crisp fall air, and the dressing up makes this time of year seem extra special. We started the season meeting with our neighbors/ School friends at the local Cottonwood Pumpkin patch. Paige, Boden and Milo are the best of buds and had a great time exploring the corn maze.

Steve and I later took the boys to Munson Farms to pick out the pumpkins we were going to carve. It was just a few days after his surgery, but Steve was a trooper and hobbled around helping us pick out just the right gourds for carving.

What a great guy

Looking at all the scarecrows and pumpkins
I try so hard for the perfect picture... 
Taller than an elephants eye

Carving up our pumpkins
Storm Trooper, Darth Vader (didn't really work so well) and Olaf

Friday before Halloween, everyone dressed up for the parade at school

Jack and Ryan stopped by on Halloween day to bring the boys some treats. What great Neighbors! 


So excited for trick or treating. Cooper (Paige's brother went home earlier) but the boys and Paige hit up LOTS of houses!


2015 FC Boulder - Tigers (ages 4-5)
Sadly, the "Summer of Sarah" coincided with the "Sadness of Steve" aka: a torn ACL. Steve had been battling a hurt knee for months before an MRI finally confirmed the bad news, he had torn his ACL.
Boden about to score a sweet goal
Steve still got to enjoy a bit of soccer as he was Boden's official soccer coach to the "Tigers". And as timing worked out, a few weeks ago he was able to get his ACL surgery so that he can play again someday soon, he is hoping to be back in about 6 months.

Heading off to surgery

"Franken-knee" A few days after surgery

Other fun goings on

This summer I christened the "Summer of Sarah". The boys are getting older, and I needed to jump start my health, so I made more time to do things I enjoy. I joined a crossfit gym, and absolutely love the workouts and team aspect.

I continued managing our outdoor co-ed soccer team, and ran the fall 15k hot chocolate race with my family cheering me on.

My parents also visited and watched the boys in August while Steve and I did a "staycation" in Denver. We went and saw Book of Mormon with our friends, while the boys caught their very first fish fishing at Coot lake with Grammie and Poppi. And because no one could bear putting the fish back, they brought it home in a cooler - only to discover it was still ALIVE! The fish lived until we came back the next day to meet it, before we re-released it back into the wild.

It was a great way to end summer and head into the fall.

We didn't win the division, but we had fun!

Out in Denver 

The FISH!!!!!