Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Austin, Texas

Steve, Boden and I took a quick trip at the end of September to visit our friends in Austin, Texas! It ended up being a sort of Jakarta International School mini reunion (with spouses of course). Kelsey ordered in Indoniesain food - and we watched all the babies play together. What fun to all be at the same place in life (spit-up, sleepless nights, cooing for babies). It was evident that times had changed when at midnight on Friday night we all rushed home to relieve the baby sitter (Colin's amazing Mom - Linda, and his Grandma sat for Sloane and Boden).

We stayed with Colin and Kerri, and just love their new house in Austin - and Boden was more then a little smitten with Sloane (you know, when he wasn't crawling over her to get to a toy). Although, there was lots of baby eye candy all weekend- Boden was surrounded by his bevy of lovely ladies (Sloane, Lyla and of course his good friend Maya).

It might even have to become an annual event. It was so much fun! Great friends, Food (both Mexican and Indonesian), and accommodations.

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