Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wrapping up for summer.

Boden finding inspiration in packing material at the new house
May was the culmination of a lot of hard work.

Steve graduated with his MBA.

We sold our house (0 days on the market) and somehow found our dream home. In a neighborhood we didn't even know existed (more on that.) And we managed to MOVE!

Boden and Milo with our new neighborhood kids. Almost makes me cry its so amazing. 

Milo was Baptized (in classic "who is in charge and what is going on here" chaotic fashion). Another blog on that to follow!

My Mom basically organized our entire kitchen (and not much has gotten done since she left)! Come back, we need and miss you!

We had a house full of guests, lots of family and finally the room for everyone! Alexa met all our neighbors before we did and introduced Boden to the cul-de-sac kids. Brenda and Marc took Boden on runs around our house and found out where the great trails were located, and Steve's Dad made sure the swing set in the backyard was stable, by playing with Boden on all the apparatus. My father, Ed, in typical fashion started some amazing house projects and got the Bergreens with their artful eyes and engineering backgrounds to complete them (typical upper management). Thanks to the whole lot who helped make our new house a comfortable home.
Aunt Brenda, Boden and Uncle Marc playing in the basement

Work is back in full swing, and the balancing act is intense. Thank goodness for our wine fridge in the basement!
I bit the bullet - double stroller... This is after a 2 mile run to break it in. We are surrounded by beautiful trails! 

Special thanks to Brenda and Marc for capturing some of our memorable moments!

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  1. Life is busy but full of love! Can't wait to see your new place - in photos and hopefully in person. Love you guys!