Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stats and Firsts...

Now, I realize a majority of the blog for Boden will be made up of firsts... but here are a few recent developments in the life of our new little baby.

Yesterday we had our one month checkup to see how he was doing. Boden is now 9 lbs 11 oz (is it true he'll sleep through the night at 10 lbs?) He's pretty much right in the middle as far as percentiles for little boys his age. He's also losing his hair - and appears to be growing in more blonde. He looks more like his Daddy every day!

Boden caught and got over his first cold. We call him "snorty" because when he's hungry he makes little snorty noises like a pig. I'll have to post video soon (I will, I promise!)... but the cold exacerbated the problem. It was partially adorable, and partially sounded like he was choking to death. Thankfully the cold appears to have subsided. Although, Steve is currently at the walk in clinic with a sinus infection.

Boden also got his first immunization. He took it like a champ, with only a moment or so of crying and then fell promptly asleep. The needle was so big! But he didn't seem to mind.

We've been getting out hiking, walking, and trying to jog a little. Soccer starts next weekend, and I know I'm in for a world of hurt the first few weeks. Wow, I'm really out of running shape! Wish me luck, and remind me to stretch! (Steve is out for the first few weeks with a stretched MCL in his knee. Yipes!)

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