Thursday, November 12, 2015

Colin and Kerri's Visit

Boys are pretty gross
To think that almost 20 years ago in Jakarta, Indonesia I was lucky enough to move in next door to the Westmoreland Family, and become friends with one of the most charismatic and genuinely nice guys is the world is truly remarkable. To have been blessed to stay in touch, become friends with his wonderful wife, and have our kids play together is even a greater fortune.

Colin and Kerri came out in July for a visit with their Colorado peeps (which include us, and nearby his sister Sarah and her Fiance Matt). Our boys LOVE Sloane and Townes, and obviously we took them to all the local breweries. The highlight for me was the water day in the backyard, watching the kids on the slip and slide while we adults drank margaritas made with a jalapeno puree (Colin is still one of the best inventors and chef's for all things spicy).

Yup - Avery tour

The kids playing outside Finkle and Garf

Running down - our walk to Finkle and Garf

Just chillin' for breakfast at home

Panorama of patio time

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